Ecology and economy in harmony - it dawned on us a long time ago!

Ecology and economy in harmony

Responsibility for people and the environment 

Responsible actions for the benefit of society require consideration of social and ecological values in thought and actions, alongside economic aims.

This objective, to bring ecology and economy in harmony, is an integral part of the corporate culture at PAPSTAR and anchored firmly in the daily work. This sustainable approach is evident not only in the use of renewable raw materials for our products, but also in the consistent review of our business processes with regard to ecological criteria.

See the following sections for an overview of the measures already adopted by PAPSTAR.

Sustainable concepts for disposable tableware

Sustainable concepts are the basis for ecological products

The PAPSTAR concepts for our “pure” disposable tableware series and the “Royal Collection” serviettes are based on the sustainable use of biological resources.

Thus, for example, only wood from sustainable forestry is used for the production of paper plates and dishes in the pure concept. "Made in Germany".

Sustainability means that only as much wood is taken from forests as can naturally grow back. In addition to wood, PAPSTAR pure also relies on the bio-plastic PLA from which cold beverage cups are made. Disposable tableware is thus an ecologically sensible alternative.
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TÜV and FSC® certifications confirm the sustainable use of the resources - the "seedling" symbolizes the compostability

Certified Standards

Since the founding of the company in 1873, PAPSTAR has produced paper plates and cups based on the renewable raw material wood.

The PAPSTAR environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001:2004. The PAPSTAR commitment to the environment and the sustainable use of the resource wood is confirmed by the FSC® certification.

More information about the ISO certification

More information about the FSC® certification

Environmental protection with certificate

Recycling is an important factor for the reduction of greenhouse gas and contributes significantly to climate change.

By participating in the dual system of "Der Grüne Punkt - Duales System Germany GmbH". 

we saved the quantities certified in the following environmental certification of carbon dioxide, energy, oil, phosphate and sulphur dioxide in 2012.

Taken together, this is equivalent to the annual carbon dioxide emissions caused by the average annual electricity consumption of 260 two-person households.

See environment certificate as PDF

Low-emission Euro 6 vehicles make up the PAPSTAR fleet

Optimised use of resources

The entire fleet consists exclusively of low-emission Euro 6 vehicles which can be loaded in two-storeys thus ensuring an optimal utilisation of the transport volume.

The drivers are regularly trained as part of the eco-driver training to reduce the average fuel consumption of the entire fleet.

View of the PAPSTAR central warehouse in Kall

Through the use of eco-power, its own water treatment plant including use of rain water, the illumination of the storage using modern LED technology and the use of lithium-polymer batteries in the forklift trucks, PAPSTAR conserves available resources as best as possible and contributes to the sustainable use of energy.

Also in the future, we will sustainability align and further develop our products and processes in terms of sustainability.