The challenges in securing a green future are massive: PAPSTAR is pioneering in the example it sets and accompanies the complete life cycle of its products in order to give them a new life after they have been used.


The PAPSTAR product range is made up of over 5000 consumables from around 200 productions in the categories disposable tableware, service packaging, table settings and household & hygiene. Besides the systematic and consequent use of renewable raw materials, the company is also devoting itself more and more to sustainable solutions in terms of cyclical material flow management. Sophisticated logistics and service concepts ensure permanent delivery capability - every day and right across Europe!

Naturally sustainable! - the new four-part corporate film from PAPSTAR (About PAPSTAR, Solutions - 1:17 minutes, Product Range, Logistics and Service)

Circular Solutions

Renewable raw materials

With our "pure" product line, we have made the selection and supply of products based on ecological criteria and made from sustainable materials the key element of the enhancement of our range for more than a decade. PAPSTAR is also making significant steps forward to be able to live up to its self-imposed aspiration to implement sustainable recycling solutions for its products in cooperation with its customers.


Precisely because PAPSTAR is convinced of a "system solutions" approach, PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH was founded as a spin-off in April 2019. Not only has the new company taken over the distribution and technical maintenance of Oklin composting machines, it also offers consulting services ranging from the supply of sustainable products to optimal disposal solutions.

Some Pilot projects in recycling

Following several pilot projects directed at composting and recycling (original street food festivals by NEW FOOD LOVE, Cologne), PAPSTAR has, with scientific support, succeeded in designing a recycling loop for its products and ensuring that the sustainable disposable tableware used at events can be recycled.

Recyclable material into secondary raw material

Plates, cups or cutlery made from renewable raw materials, such as paperboard, cardboard, wood, sugar cane, palm leaves or agricultural residues ("pure" product line) are shredded in a bio converter and then hygienised. The high cellulose content means that the material output can be used at a nearby cardboard factory to produce new products.

System solution for wide-ranging customer groups

This makes PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH capable of offering customers like companies from the gastronomy, catering, hotel or canteen segments - but also those in the area of large-scale events - a hygienic and also sustainable system solution from one single source. Further cycle-focussed material flow management solutions are currently in the state of development.

"Rhineland Genial" Innovation Award

"PAPSTAR GmbH has been recognised as a leading provider of category management solutions for disposable tableware, service packaging, decoration and hygiene articles for product and process innovations. With PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH, the company is now operating in a new business field ranging from sustainable products to optimal disposal solutions that is unique in Germany in this constellation. Rhineland lives from stars like PAPSTAR. "

Official jury verdict on presentation of the "Rheinland Genial" Innovation Award by Metropolregion Rheinland e.V. to managing director Ulla Thönnissen

Composting machines from Oklin

Composting machines (Bio converters) from Oklin - the exclusive distribution rights for Germany and Benelux are held by PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH (Germany) and Conpax B.V. (Oosterhout/Nijmegen) respectively, a PAPSTAR Group company - use microbiological technologies in a composting chamber to compost organic waste and even biodegradable disposable tableware and reduce the volume by up to 90 percent in 24 hours.

The online magazine from PAPSTAR features a wide variety of best practice examples in the topical area of "Solutions"...

Recycling organic cups made from PLA

PLA (polylactide) is a material made from renewable, raw vegetable materials (corn starch) that is completely biodegradable; in terms of appearance, the cups are hardly distinguishable from conventional plastic cups, if at all. The recycling system provided by PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH for these cups is increasingly in demand, not least for reasons of hygiene. The bottom line is that recovered PLA granulate can be used to produce new cups and other bio-based plastics.


Frank Kolvenbach and Christian Feuser, PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH