Central and high-bay warehouse

Mainly fully automated picking processes with up to three quarters of a million picks per month (picking processes per warehouse) guarantee that PAPSTAR can serve every order and shipping type 'just in time'.


Permanent delivery capability

Thanks to the sophisticated logistics and service concepts in place, PAPSTAR can guarantee a permanent delivery capability for its entire product range - and that, day in, day out, throughout Europe!

The "heart" of the company is formed by the strategically situated, fully automated central and high-bay warehouse on the company's 130,000 square metre company premises in Kall in the Eifel region of North Rhine-Westphalia in northwest Germany.

Safe working environment

In order to systematically identify potential sources of accident and take precautionary measures, PAPSTAR regularly calls in internal and external specialists to conduct workplace safety inspections. By doing so, we have succeeded in significantly reducing the frequency of accidents in recent years, especially in the warehouse. The measures undertaken include the provision of personal protective equipment, workplace safety training and collaboration with an internal safety committee and health insurance companies and the company physician.


Sustainability has many faces. And even more starting points! Keyword "packaging foam & padding" - in the CEP zone (courier express parcel service) at the PAPSTAR warehouse, plastic foil has been consistently dispensed with in its entirety; instead, used cardboard boxes are given a second life before finally being recycled as waste paper by the packaging recipient.

Key warehouse figures


In the storage area, various conveyor systems register approx. 2500 pallet movements.

Storage Bins

The central warehouse alone has 70,000 pallet storage spaces and an additional 100,000 carton storage bins.


Some 25,000 orders are processed each month through various order acceptance channels (including Electronic Data Interchange - EDI).


These orders are prepared for loading using 750,000 picks (picking operations per storage area, approx. 700,000 cartons).


Delivery of some 20,000 shipments is handled by the vehicle fleet, external forwarders and parcel service providers.

Loading Weight

The loading weight for the approx. 20,000 shipments per month corresponds to approximately 2600 metric tons (one ton = 1000 kilograms).


PAPSTAR GmbH, Daimlerstraße 4-8, D-53925 Kall