Transport and Fleet

The PAPSTAR Fleet staff live and breathe the goal of efficiently using resources and reducing consumption and emissions on a daily basis. The use of cutting-edge technologies and Eco-Drive training units for our drivers have really proven their worth.

Resource-saving technology

The Euro 6 standard

The systematic conversion of the entire truck fleet to vehicles that comply with the "Euro 6" emission standard is just one measure that has been undertaken in the area of environmentally-friendly fleet management at PAPSTAR. To serve the optimal utilisation of space on the trailers, the company relies on a double decker system comprised of 33 pallets (maximum height: 1.20 metres) on each level.

Fuel Savings

Our integrated use of the Daimler FleetBoard telematics system means that we can continuously evaluate fuel consumption and driving styles in order to develop improvement measures together. The instruction of professional drivers by experienced Eco(nomic) driving instructors - also with regard to health and safety - has proven to be highly effective in maintaining or even improving the performance rates achieved.

Besides technology, optimal aerodynamic conditions and driving habits, both the weather and conditions en-route, as well as the cargo being transported influence fuel consumption considerably, which PAPSTAR has recently been able to reduce to 21.13 litres/100 kilometres.

Tour Optimisation

To avoid as many empty runs as possible, the fleet management at PAPSTAR constantly plans all the tours in a round trip system so that the trucks are filled or utilised to the optimum on the outward and home legs using double-decker technology. Over the past few years, an at least 70 percent capacity utilisation target has emerged as a reliable parameter here.

White PAPSTAR fleet

The PAPSTAR truck fleet has always used tractor units from Mercedes-Benz, while the trailers come from Schmitz Cargobull - The Trailer Company. The high-tech trucks are considered to be the forerunner of autonomous driving and help to keep fuel consumption for each articulated truck permanently below 20 litres/100 kilometres. Overall, the company, which operates throughout Europe and has its administrative and logistics headquarters in Kall, has a considerable number of complete articulated trucks, which are driven, looked after and cared for by experienced professional drivers (including one woman).

Multimedia cockpit and mirror cam

The new Mercedes-Benz Actros 1842 LS tractor units from PAPSTAR are equipped with a variety of innovations including a multimedia cockpit with two colour displays that display all the driving and vehicle information, MirrorCam instead of exterior mirrors, semi-automated driving, Active Drive Assist or enhanced safety systems such as fifth generation Active Brake Assist or enhanced Turning, Blind Spot and Distance Keeping Assist. The extended functions of the predictive, GPS-controlled "Predictive Powertrain Control" cruise control system (PPC, uses precision 3D maps in addition to the satellite-based positioning system) have also become indispensable for everyday driving on winding, long-distance routes along with the fully digital multimedia cockpit, which has replaced the conventional instrument cluster in the new Actros.


Oliver Floßbach, Transport and disposition