PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH offers customers from the gastronomy, catering, hotel and canteen segments - but also those in the field of large-scale events - a hygienic and also sustainable system solution from one single source.

Circular Solutions

PAPSTAR is driving forward its sustainable alignment, and accompanies the entire life cycle of its products in order to give them a second life after use.

RAW MATERIAL: Disposable products such as cardboard or paperboard made from renewable raw materials such as wood, sugar cane, palm leaf or agricultural residues.

RETURN: Disposable products made from renewable raw materials are collected by type.

ORGANIC CONVERTER: By using patented microbes and a hygienisation function, food waste and organic waste of vegetable origin or even disposable tableware made from renewable raw materials can be transformed into a new secondary raw material by means of a fibre-recovery treatment process.

SECONDARY RAW MATERIAL: Flaky output material with a high cellulose content.

RECYCLING: The output material from the organic converter can be used to manufacture new products.

FINAL PRODUCT: Mill board for use as an intermediate layer in the packaging industry and for stackable goods. In the production process this material, which among other things is also obtained from waste paper, is applied in layers to a format roller until the desired thickness is achieved.

In the further development of recycling-oriented material flow management solutions, PAPSTAR is currently working on the future use of used disposable tableware made from renewable raw materials as part of the production of nutrient substrates for healthy soil. In addition to improving the soil and increasing its yield, a carbonisation process can also be used to bind and thus reduce CO₂ emissions.


Christoph Stahlhacke, PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH