PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH offers customers from the gastronomy, catering, hotel and canteen segments - but also those in the field of large-scale events - a hygienic and also sustainable system solution from one single source.

Circular Solutions

With our PAPSTAR "pure" product line, we have made the selection and supply of products based on ecological criteria made from sustainable materials the keystone for developing our product range for more than a decade.

The company is also making significant steps forward in this area to be able to live up to its self-imposed aspiration to implement sustainable recycling solutions for its products in cooperation with its customers. Following several pilot projects directed at biodegradability and recycling, PAPSTAR has, with scientific support, succeeded in designing a recycling loop for its products and ensuring that the sustainable disposable tableware used at events can be recycled. For instance, plates, cups or cutlery made from renewable raw materials, such as cardboard, paperboard, wood, sugar cane, palm leaf and agricultural residues ("pure" product line ) here can be decomposted in a bio-converter and then hygienised. Its high cellulose content means that the output material can be used at a nearby cardboard factory to produce new products like wrapping cardboard to be used as an intermediate layer in the packaging industry.

This also means that PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH can offer its customers in the gastronomy, catering, hotel and canteen - as  well as large-scale event - segments, a hygienic and sustainable system solution from one single source.

By constantly enhancing its cycle-oriented material flow management solutions, PAPSTAR is currently working on the future use of used disposable tableware made from renewable raw materials in the production of nutrient substrates for healthy soil. In addition to improving soil quality  and increasing soil yields, carbonisation of used disposable products made from renewable materials can also be used to bind and therefore reduce CO2 emissions.


Christoph Stahlhacke, PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH