Over 1400 employees and international offices as well as distribution partners in many of the other countries in Europe, make PAPSTAR one of the leading suppliers of disposable tableware and service packaging on the continent.

Naturally sustainable!


As a sales company and logistics service provider, PAPSTAR serves as an essential interface between producers and retail groups and consumers operating across Europe with its three product categories (disposable tableware and service packaging, table and room decorations and disposable products for household, professional kitchen and hygiene).


PAPSTAR believes that sustainability is less about pursuing individual measures in isolation and more about delivering a real perspective. Accordingly, multiple challenges to be taken into account in terms of sustainability are placed at the top of the list of daily actions and are increasingly crystallising into the brand's core message


Premium-quality products made of cardboard and paperboard have always been a strength of the PAPSTAR brand, which has its origins in the cardboard factory founded by Oswald Matheis in Olef in northwest Germany in 1873. The company in its actual form was established in 1979.


Awards like the GREEN BRANDS quality label, inclusion in the select circle of the "Great German Brands of the Century 2022" and the climate neutrality label awarded by ClimatePartner confirm the company's own aspirations and, together with a comprehensive corporate communication concept, enhance the PAPSTAR brand profile.

Corporate Social Responsibility

By joining the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), PAPSTAR has committed to providing ongoing support and continuous improvement to the implementation of the ten universal principles of the Global Compact (GC) with regard to human rights, industrial standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption, and by doing so officially confirms the position it has taken in respect of sustainability.

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Over 1400 employees and international offices, as well as authorised distribution partners in many of other countries, make PAPSTAR one of the leading suppliers of disposable tableware and service packaging on the European continent.


Bernd Born, Media - Communication - Marketing