PAPSTAR not only demonstrates the responsibility it takes for humanity, nature and the environment by using renewable raw materials in its products; this also makes up an basic part of the corporate culture and is firmly anchored in its daily work.

Principle of action and core message

For PAPSTAR, sustainability makes up a significant part of the company's model for success and is deeply anchored in its DNA. On the basis of this fundamental understanding, decisions are made and ambitious goals set in order to be able to fully meet the demands it makes of itself and those of its customers.

Certified company,
certified products

The quality and environmental management system from PAPSTAR and PAPSTAR GmbH is certified according to ISO9001 and 14001. When selecting products, the company uses seals of approval from independent bodies (such as FSC®, PEFC, Keimling (seedling)). Also: Monitoring of the key figures in warehouse, logistics and consumption parameters and certification of the product chain including traceability.

resource management

The vehicle fleet is of key significance in the PAPSTAR environmental management system. Numerous optimisation measures have been implemented over the last three decades - from providing state-of-the-art and resource-saving technology to constantly minimising average diesel consumption as an energy source in line with the industry average.

Sustainable alignment
and cycle focus

The PAPSTAR motto in environmental management is based on the basic principles of "avoid - reduce - compensate". Unavoidable emissions are offset by supporting a certified climate protection project. The continuous enhancement of cycle-focussed material flow management solutions has been identified as an additional core function.

Social and ecological
Action Guidelines

PAPSTAR firmly believes that sustainability is less about pursuing individual measures in insolation and more about delivering a comprehensive perspective. This includes, not least, assuming social responsibility within the networks (supplier audits, etc.) and for its own workforce.

For us, sustainability is foremost in everything we do. It has long since evolved to become the core message of our PAPSTAR brand!

Bert Kantelberg, Chairman of the Management Board of PAPSTAR Holding AG

Naturally sustainable!

Code of Conduct as the basis for values

Economic activity has a significant influence on the social and ecological environment. PAPSTAR is aware of the resulting responsibility, especially with regard to promoting ecological, social and ethical thinking and action. The principle of sustainability is firmly anchored in the company’s measures for action.

As a basis, the company has formulated essential basic values and standards in accordance with the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and adopted them as a Code of Conduct. As well as being binding for all staff, it is also binding for all suppliers and business partners.


Hardly any other term has taken on so much meaning in recent years as the term "sustainability". But does sustainability mean in reality? One of the most widely used definitions can be found in the 1987 report by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development entitled "Our Common Future". Loosely translated, it states:

"Sustainable development is development that ensures that future generations are no less able to meet their needs than present generations."

This is an explanatory approach that PAPSTAR can endorse - in the firm conviction that sustainability is less about pursuing individual measures in insolation and more about delivering a comprehensive perspective. Accordingly, multiple tasks and challenges to be taken into account in terms of sustainability are placed at the top of the list of daily actions and are increasingly crystallising into the brand's core message.

Sustainability CONTACT PERSON

Andreas Köller, Quality and environmental management