Logistics and Service

Thanks to the sophisticated logistics and service concepts it has in place, PAPSTAR safeguards the permanent delivery capability of its entire product range - and that, day in, day out, throughout Europe! The fully automated central and high-bay warehouse in Kall (northwest Germany) serves as the "beating heart".


The PAPSTAR product range is made up of over 5000 consumables from around 200 productions in the categories disposable tableware, service packaging, table settings and household & hygiene. Besides the systematic and consequent use of renewable raw materials, the company is also devoting itself more and more to sustainable solutions in terms cyclical material flow management. Sophisticated logistics and service concepts ensure permanent delivery capability - every day and right across Europe!

Naturally sustainable! - the new four-part corporate film from PAPSTAR (About PAPSTAR, Solutions, Product Range, Logistics and Service - 1:48 minutes)

Efficient supply chain management

Central and high-bay warehouse

Strategically located on the 130,000 square meter company premises, the central and high-bay warehouse alone has 70,000 pallet and 100,000 carton storage spaces.

Mainly fully automated picking processes performing up to three quarters of a million picks per month guarantee that PAPSTAR can deliver every order and shipping type 'just in time'.

Transport and Fleet

As a logistics service provider with its own fleet of articulated trucks equipped Mercedes-Benz Actros tractors and Schmitz-Cargobull trailers, the question of fuel consumption naturally plays a significant role, both from an economic and ecological perspective.

PAPSTAR constantly evaluates all available fuel-saving technologies and invests in the most advanced and resource-saving technologies on the market.

Quality Management

DEKRA Certification GmbH certifies that PAPSTAR GmbH and PAPSTAR Service GmbH have introduced and maintain a DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management system at the Kall site in Daimlerstraße 4-8 in accordance with the "Sales, logistics management and services for non-food merchandise concepts" standard indicated in the certificate ID. DIN stands for German Institute for Standardisation, EN for European Standard and ISO for "International Organisation for Standardisation".

Logistics Excellence

PAPSTAR offers bespoke concepts to companies with partnership associations where the flow of goods can be optimally integrated into internal distribution channels. Online management systems open up completely new landscapes for intelligent solutions.

Logistics 4.0 'Made by PAPSTAR' is marked by the fact that digitalisation combines efficiency in the supply chain with resource conservation.

Full service at the point of sale (POS)

As a service provider, PAPSTAR Service GmbH disposes of a nationwide service organisation (sales promotion, merchandising and point-of-sale management) which has been established for more than three decades now.

The core strengths of the field sales force, which targets (hyper-)consumer markets and employs some 600 people, include: Merchandise replenishment and disposition, returns processing and provisioning as well as troubleshooting for continuous optimisation purposes, re-labelling campaigns, article-specific labelling, sales aid placements and promotional set-ups to promote sales, layout design for space optimisation purposes, the erection or relocation of shelving units, the conversion of existing sales floors, store checks based on criteria defined in advance with the contracting party.

The PAPSTAR Group company also offers a "warehousing and logistics" module, which can be used either as a stand-alone service or in combination with a staffed service at the respective point of sale.


Meik Heinen, PAPSTAR Service GmbH