Oklin bio-converters use microbiological technologies to decompose organic waste of plant origin and even biodegradable disposable tableware by fibre extraction and reduce the volume by up to 90 percent in 24 hours.

Circular Solutions

Disposable tableware, cutlery and serviettes made from renewable raw materials (wood and virgin fibre paperboard, sugar cane, palm leaf, corn starch or agricultural residues): Oklin bio-converters use patented microbes at a constantly optimised temperature and circulation conditions (unlike with open-air composting).

Mixed with organic waste, these bacteria ensure that waste does not rot, but transformed into a new resource in a treatment process. This results in a significant reduction in volume, as well as a hygiene process. The result is a fibrous secondary raw material with a high cellulose content.

The advantages in terms of sustainability are obvious and range from a significant reduction in collection costs for external disposal companies to a significant, as much as 90 percent reduction in the (bio-)waste volume within 24 hours to a generally more sustainable alignment with equally regional and closed product cycles. Oklin uses long-lasting microorganisms. That are capable of withstanding extreme conditions including high temperatures, salinity and acidic environments. This guarantees a long shelf life and ease of use. A nano-air filter system reduces unpleasant odours by almost 100%, avoiding any negative impact on the environment.

All Oklin bio-converters are equipped with a hygienisation function for killing all known pathogenic germs. During hygienisation (according to EU Regulation 142/2011), the temperature in the closed chamber remains at 75 degrees Celsius for a period of 60 minutes. The process of hygienisation is not to be interrupted under any circumstances.

Legal Certainty

In order to guarantee legal certainty for its business model, PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH constantly studies the current legal framework closely (Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act - KrWG, Biowaste Ordinance - BioAbfV, Packaging Act - VerpackG, Animal By-products Disposal Ordinance - TierNebV).

The online magazine from PAPSTAR features a wide variety of best practice examples in the area of "Solutions" ...

Biodegrable Waste

Oklin bio-converters use special microorganisms to process food waste and organic waste of plant origin and even biodegradable disposable tableware into high cellulose content secondary raw material in just 24 hours resulting in an 80 to 90 percent average reduction in the total volume.

Oklin has also developed an environmentally friendly deodorisation system (odour filter) to round off their GG02 to GG500s bio-converter range, which effectively absorbs unpleasant odours.

Included in delivery with every Oklin model: Energy-saving mode, odour filter, emergency stop switch, magnetic switch door safety, agitator stop when doors opened


Christoph Stahlhacke, PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH