Premium-quality products made of cardboard and paperboard have always been a strength of the PAPSTAR brand, which has its origins in the cardboard factory founded by Oswald Matheis in Olef in northwest Germany in 1873.


Consumer articles exist that are quite simple, almost mundane even. And yet their design and shape are unique and more than anything else, they evoke memories and call forth emotions. Especially when to comes to food.

Perhaps you can remember the first portion of fish'n'chips you had as a take away"? Or summers at the lido, where all you ate was a portion of chips with tomato sauce? Inseparably linked to this are the typical cardboard trays with their rippled edge. Or, for example, paper plates: No children's birthday party in the garden or picnic in the park would be complete without the equally characteristic round plates with their rippled edges. They were an absolute necessity - not only for eating potato salad or crumbly marble cake, but also as a substitute Frisbee or to make funny masks out of. There's no question about it: The disposable paper plate and the chips tray are doubtlessly two examples of European cultural history.

In Germany, the origins of this story go back to Hermann Henschel from Luckenwalde. The master bookbinder and inventor was the first to produce paper plates in 1867. His motivation for doing so: the desire to package food more hygienically for medical reasons. This trend also gave rise to inventions in the USA at the beginning of the 20th Century, like the paper cup invented by Lawrence Luellen and Hugh Moore, which originally was actually shaped like a cone.

Even today, and more than ever, hygiene is one of several excellent arguments in favour of disposable tableware. But back to Germany in the 19th Century. Shortly after Hermann Henschel came up with his invention in Luckenwalde, Oswald Matheis founded his cardboard factory as early as in 1873 over 600 kilometres to the west, in Schleiden-Olef in the Eifel region - the heart of PAPSTAR today.



PAPSTAR sets the course for a successful future and initiates a succession plan for the departure of CEO Bert Kantelberg planned for the end of the year: Tom Kantelberg is appointed managing director of PAPSTAR GmbH with equal rights by unanimous shareholder resolution of PAPSTAR Holding AG.


In course of the successful relaunch of the corporate website papstar.com at the beginning of the year, the PAPSTAR logo was also given a makeover. Graphic designer Martin Wojtowicz (uspect GmbH, Euskirchen) achieves an overall harmonization of the text and image composition with a newly adjusted flower signet.


Bert Kantelberg founds RICK Produktion GmbH, Schleiden-Olef, together with PAPSTAR Holding AG. This in turn acquires 100 percent of the shares in the predecessor company 'CL. RICK Produktionsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG'.


Because PAPSTAR is convinced of circular solutions, PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH is founded as a spin-off in April 2019. Not only does the new company take over the distribution and technical maintenance of bio-converters, it also offers consulting services ranging from the supply of sustainable products to optimal disposal solutions.


PAPSTAR is awarded the GREEN BRANDS award for the first time for the responsibility it takes for people and nature. This international seal of quality honours brands and companies that demonstrate a high level of commitment to the environment, sustainability and ecological living and production conditions.


Accession to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) as a commitment to support and constantly improve the ten universal principles of human rights, workplace standards, environmental protection and sustainability, along with anti-corruption.


First start-up of the company's own bio-converter at the Kall/Eifel site.


Stake acquired in Conpax Beheer BV. (Oosterhout/Nijmegen, Netherlands).


Transfer of distribution for Italy to Pierrot Srl. (Favaro Veneto, Italy).


Minority stake acquired in Matram doo. (Split, Croatia), distribution partner for Croatia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.


Reestablishment of PAPSTAR Service GmbH and thus outsourcing of service competencies at the point of sale.


PAPSTAR GmbH - Change of legal form from GmbH & Co. KG (partnership) to GmbH (corporation).


Foundation of the overseas company PAPSTAR Polska Sp. Z o.o. (Buk, Poland).


Setup of quality and environmental management systems according to BS EN ISO 9001 and 14001.


Introduction of the "pure" product line (single-use items made from renewable raw materials).


Transfer of distribution for Switzerland to Weita AG (Aesch).


Foundation of the overseas companies PAPSTAR France SARL (Lognes) and PAPSTAR Sverige AB (Alingsås, for Scandinavia).


The word and figurative mark PAPSTAR (wave with integrated white lettering) is entered in the register at the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA) on January 21, and international registration under the number IR699977 takes place on March 19.


Foundation of the overseas company PAPSTAR Ibérica SL,S. Com (Tarragona).


Foundation of CL. RICK Produktions-Gesellschaft mbH & Co. KG (today RICK Produktion GmbH, a PAPSTAR Group Company); the company Oswald Matheis GmbH & Co. KG is removed from the commercial register at the same time on December 31, 1996 in order to be merged with PAPSTAR and RICK Produktions-Gesellschaft respectively.


As "Spiritus Rector" for many years, Clemens Rick († 25 April 2012) retires from PAPSTAR to take over production in Schleiden-Olef with his own company. He is replaced as sole managing director by his son-in-law Bert Kantelberg.

Rick transfers his shares in the distribution company to his partner Gernot Langes-Swarovski, one of Austria's most well-known entrepreneurs.


By unanimous shareholder resolution, Bert Kantelberg, current CEO of PAPSTAR GmbH and board member of PAPSTAR Holding AG, is appointed managing director of PAPSTAR Vertriebsgesellschaft mbh & Co. KG, therefore putting him at the helm of the company together with Clemens Rick.


PAPSTAR supports the introduction of the Dual System in Germany (system for the household collection and disposal of used sales packaging).


Foundation of the overseas company PAPSTAR Österreich Vertriebs AG (Spittal an der Drau).


Clemens Rick pushes the clear black-and-white image for PAPSTAR; the Stuttgart-based graphic design studio "Stankowski + Duschek" also develops the distinctive wave as a symbol for the aspiring company.


After his first year at the company, Bert Kantelberg (on the photo with Markus Mörsch, current Purchasing Director) founds the first international subsidiary, PAPSTAR B.V., in Tilburg (North Brabant), in the Netherlands.


Celebrations at PAPSTAR in Kall: 110 years of Oswald Matheis in combination with the presentation of the new distribution center.


PAPSTAR Vertriebsgesellschaft mbh & Co. KG relocates to its current location in Kall, northwest Germany (administrative headquarters and logistics centre).


PAPSTAR creates an additional campaign logo for "new, dynamic household products" (expansion of the product range).


PAPSTAR Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG is officially established


In the same year, PAPSTAR (written together for the first time) becomes an independent brand.


'Flowers from PAP STAR': Oswald Matheis GmbH & Co. KG starts using bright colours, with bright orange playing a primary role. The same year, PAPSTAR, becomes a standalone brand.


Clemens Rick becomes a partner in Oswald Matheis GmbH & Co. KG and thus significantly controls the further corporate policy and development.


PAP STAR (claim: For more leisure-time entertainment) is registered as a pure word mark with the "Madrid Agreement on the International Registration of Trademarks of 1891".


As managing director of Oswald Matheis GmbH & Co. KG, Clemens Pick creates the name and product brand PAP STAR.

Noticeable in the spelling: the space between PAP and STAR.


Gernot Langes-Swarovski († 21 January 2021), later sole shareholder of PAPSTAR Holding AG, takes over Pappenfabrik Oswald Matheis GmbH & Co. KG Schleiden-Olef.


Foundation of the cardboard factory Oswald Matheis in Schleiden-Olef.


Bernd Born, Media - Communication - Marketing