"EU Whistleblower Directive" (transposed into German law as "Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz")

Only if the management as well as our employees and business partners comply with the applicable laws in Germany respectively at all our locations we can achieve the goal of providing an outstanding service respectively selling excellent products to our customers.

At PAPSTAR, we also demand integrity and professionalism from our business partners. This is the only way we can sell products or provide services that are the result of compliance with our business and behavioral principles all along the line.

This implementation of integrity and professionalism certainly also includes a sincere, open approach to weaknesses and mistakes as well as courageous, solution-oriented and responsible action in the event of mistakes.

By adhering to these principles, we protect our company from financial losses and loss of reputation.

Do you feel there is behavior in our company that violates applicable laws or our ideas of professionalism and integrity?

In accordance with our principles we also treat hints from whistleblowers professionally; in particular, it is possible to submit hints via secure reporting channels. Hints can also be submitted anonymously.

Whistleblowers are protected from reprisals linked to the submission of a report.

As a customer, sales partner or supplier, you can contact your contact person at PAPSTAR or our Compliance Officer:

Mr. Stefan Müller
Daimlerstraße 4-8
53925 Kall
Phone: +49 2441 83-122

If you feel unable to communicate openly, you can also use our specially protected whistleblower system WhistlePort anonymously or by name at the following link: