Table top and room decoration

With the ROYAL Collection, its own premium label, PAPSTAR offers a natural variety of high-quality napkins, tablecloths and table runners. A sustainable and certified range of candles and a broad selection of party decoration articles make up further cornerstones of the product group.

Premium quality, natural variety

Quality, functionality, modern design: more than 80 percent of the PAPSTAR products in the "Table Top" segment - including napkins, tablecloths, table runners, centrepieces and placemats from the company's own ROYAL and DAILY Collection labels - are already made from renewable raw materials and are biodegradable.

Hygienic and environmentally friendly

Whether for professionals or consumers - the design and material lines from PAPSTAR stand for quality and functionality and are produced sustainably to meet all hygiene requirements. Napkins from the premium ROYAL Collection label are extremely soft to the touch, odourless, easy to fold, retain their shape and look almost indistinguishable from woven cloth napkins.

Colour Variety

Ranging from noble champagne to signal red and yellow hues, the palette of colours in the "ROYAL Collection by PAPSTAR" serves up the right tone for every setting and taste.

The overall portfolio consists of 20 standard and trend colours which we regularly add to. Both our plain-coloured products and our many decors are colour-coordinated. We also offer perfectly harmonising decorative accessories for a stylishly laid table.

Comprehensive environmental performance

Products in the PAPSTAR premium label ROYAL Collection bear both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, an international eco-label originating from Sweden for best environmental performance along the entire supply chain from the extraction of raw materials to the manufacturing process and disposal of waste, and - with a few exceptions - the germination mark according to BS EN 13432 to confirm the industrial compostability of the materials used. DIN stands for German Institute for Standardisation, EN for European Standard.

The New DAILY for everyday use

The basic prerequisite for the sustainable production of the DAILY Collection is an absorbent and recyclable material. The napkins made from primary fibres in the best tissue quality impress with their chic, simple look, pleasantly soft feel and optimised foldability.

All DAILY articles can be combined in colour with the products in the ROYAL Collection - for professionals in the catering and hotel industry as well as for the end consumer.

  • absorbent tablecloths, table runners, centrepieces, placemats and napkins (own production)
  • made from renewable raw materials, primary fibres in best tissue quality
  • recyclable and biodegradable; certificates: FSC®, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Keimling
  • absorbent napkins for everyday use (own production)
  • made from renewable raw materials, primary fibres in best tissue quality
  • recyclable and biodegradable; certificates: FSC®, Nordic Swan Ecolabel, Keimling


The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) has defined globally standardised basic principles for responsible forest management. The seal, issued by DIN CERTCO Gesellschaft für Konformitätsbewertung mbH (Berlin), indicates that the raw materials (pulp, tissue) used in each PAPSTAR product originate from responsible forest management. Product chain certification as a proven instrument is used to ensure this. Traceability is ensured with a test number.

Tear-proof and water-repellent

The products in the soft selection and soft selection+ series stand for best-in-class functionality and quality of modern non-woven materials. They are perfectly colour matched to the ROYAL Collection and demonstrate a brilliant colour intensity. Further attributes: tear-proof, water-repellent or waterproof (+) and therefore wipeable. Tablecloths, table runners, centrepieces and placemats in both series are hard-wearing, fabric-soft, one hundred percent recyclable and moisture does not deform them.

  • wipeable, water-repellent tablecloths, centrepieces and placemats
  • made of plastic fleece (polypropylene)
  • reusable, recyclable
  • wipeable, waterproof tablecloths, table runners, centrepieces and placemats with decoration
  • made of plastic fleece (polypropylene) with a polyethylene coating (PE)
  • ideal for outdoor use, reusable, recyclable

Certified Candles

PAPSTAR disposes of an extensive range of candles geared towards sustainability. For production or functional reasons, some candles may contain palm oil - but from RSPO-certified sources. The abbreviation stands for "Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil", an institution founded on the initiative of the environmental organisation WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) to promote sustainable methods of cultivation for palm oil. In addition to environmental protection associations, its members are primarily made up of companies from the value chain, including plantation operators, traders and the industrial buyers of palm oil.

room and party decorations

Chinese lanterns, garlands, honeycomb balls, balloons, party hats, birthday candles, fun articles and deco articles for food and beverages: the room and party decoration and party accessories segment combines unlimited possibilities for variety and colour combination. All the balloons in the PAPSTAR range are free of nitrosamines (TÜV-tested). What is more, it is paramount that the fire protection regulations are meticulously observed, particularly in the party decorations segment. When it comes to garlands, it's safety first: all ceiling hangers etc. are therefore assigned to the category "Flame Retardant".


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