Corn Cup Recycling

Pop concerts, top-class sporting events such as premiere league football matches or generally for outdoor events: The recycling system for PLA cups in the "pure" product line maintained by PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH finds itself increasingly in demand.

Circular Solutions

The PAPSTAR "cup" principle is based on a closed-loop system - below the individual steps with regard to sustainability.

Raw material: PLA (polylactide) is a material made from renewable, raw vegetable materials (corn starch) that is completely biodegradable; in terms of appearance, the cups are hardly distinguishable from conventional plastic cups, if at all.

Deposit system: In pilot projects, placing a deposit on the cups has proven to be very effective; this makes sure that the used cups are returned to the place where they were originally put into circulation (prevents littering).

Roundtrip system: The used cups are taken back in the same way as they were delivered, i.e. in a cardboard box. This takes place in an environmentally-friendly round-trip system (outward and return loads, doing away with the need for additional journeys and with no unnecessary CO₂ emissions being produced).

Recycling and PLA granulate: Once sorted into boxes, the cups are transported to a nearby recycling plant in an equally logistically efficient manner; there, final sorting (to avoid any impurities) and cleaning take place - finally, the recovered PLA granulate can be reused to produce other bio-based plastics.


Christoph Stahlhacke, PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH