Papstar Solutions

The challenges in securing a green future are massive: PAPSTAR is pioneering in the example it sets and accompanies the complete life cycle of its products in order to give them a new life after they have been used.

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Product range

PAPSTAR stocks more than 5000 consumables in three product categories: disposable tableware and service packaging, table and room decorations and disposable products for household, professional kitchen, hygiene and elderly care. Around 200 suppliers retain a share in the overall portfolio.

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Logistics and Service

Thanks to the sophisticated logistics and service concepts it has in place, PAPSTAR safeguards the permanent delivery capability of its entire product range - and that, day in, day out, throughout Europe! This also includes bespoke solutions for partner companies.

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Naturally sustainable!

The PAPSTAR product range is made up of over 5000 consumables from around 200 productions in the categories disposable tableware, service packaging, table settings and household & hygiene. Besides the systematic and consequent use of renewable raw materials, the company is also devoting itself more and more to sustainable solutions in terms of cyclical material flow management. Sophisticated logistics and service concepts ensure permanent delivery capability - every day and right across Europe!

Naturally sustainable! - the new four-part corporate film from PAPSTAR (About PAPSTAR - 1:54 minutes, Solutions, Product Range, Logistics and Service)


At PAPSTAR, responsibility for people, nature and the environment makes up a basic component of the corporate culture and is firmly anchored in the company's daily work.


Disposable tableware and service packaging
Table top and room decoration
Household and hygiene products

Disposable tableware and service packaging

For catering, out-of-home catering, the hotel industry and small and large events of all kinds, disposable tableware and service packaging offer myriad advantages: They are hygienic, practical and, above all, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Large parts of the PAPSTAR product range around our "pure" product line are made out of renewable raw materials, such as wood and virgin fibre paperboard, sugar cane, palm leaf, bamboo, maize and also agricultural residues, and are biodegradable and even compostable.

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Table top and room decoration

Quality, functionality, modern design and environmental friendliness: with the ROYAL Collection, its own premium label, PAPSTAR offers a natural variety of high-quality serviettes, tablecloths and table runners. The processed tissue is FSC®-certified with the products bearing both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Keimling (seedling) label.

A sustainable and certified range of candles and a broad selection of party decoration articles make up further cornerstones of the product group.

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Household and hygiene products

The PAPSTAR range of disposable products for household, professional kitchen and hygiene is wide, ranging from practical household and kitchen aids for safe, hygienic storage and food preparation (baking/grease-proof paper, freezer bags and aluminium and cling film) to waste disposal, cleaning products and professional kitchen utensils (straining and filter cloths, cohesive plasters and cut-resistant gloves).

The demand for hygiene and body protection articles is particularly high at the moment.

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Logistics and Service

(High-bay) warehouse

Conveniently located on the 130,000 square meter company premises, the central warehouse alone has 70,000 pallet and 100,000 carton storage spaces.

Transport and Fleet

PAPSTAR can fulfil all order and shipping types 'just in time'; ranging from parcel shipments and general cargo to complete truck loads by the company's own fleet.

Logistics Excellence

PAPSTAR offers bespoke concepts to companies with partnership associations where the flow of goods can be optimally integrated into internal distribution channels.


Material flow management
Composting machines
Cup Recycling

Circular material flow management

The challenges in securing a green future are massive: PAPSTAR is pioneering in the example it sets and accompanies the complete life cycle of its products in order to give them a new life after they have been used.

Not only are renewable raw materials used - also for product developments based on customer specifications - but sustainable recycling concepts (cradle to cradle) as well, which make up part of the spectrum of services at PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH.

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Composting machines from Oklin

PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH possesses the exclusive distribution rights for Oklin bio-converters and offers detailed and bespoke advice concerning everything ranging from the supply of goods to environmentally sound disposal solutions in terms of the modern value chain.

In this way, PAPSTAR dedicates itself to an innovative and forward-looking business field around closed-loop recycling that is unique in Germany in this constellation and sets standards.

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Recycling cycle for organic cups made from PLA

Pop concerts, top-class sporting events, such as premiere league football or generally for outdoor events, to name just a few: the recycling system for PLA cups in the "pure" product line maintained by PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH finds itself increasingly in demand.

PLA (Polylactide) is a material made from renewable, raw vegetable materials (corn starch) that is completely biodegradable.

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Fresh cell treatment for PAPSTAR logo; famous "Stankowski wave" remains untouched

As part of the successful relaunch of the corporate website, the PAPSTAR logo has now also undergone a refresh. Not affected by this is the characteristic wave.

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Change of name from PAPSTAR France S.A.S. to BIOSYLVA S.A.S. is officially done

With the certificate of registration in the commercial and company register (Court of Meaux), a change in the organization chart of the PAPSTAR Group has taken effect.

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GREEN BRAND 2022/2023 - the second re-validation with an "outstanding result"

Two stars for PAPSTAR: After the first validation in 2018, a re-validation procedure with "outstanding improvements" has now been passed for the second time.

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Growth and success

Professional expertise, a high commitment level and the quality brought about by shared work: This trio forms the basis for the success formula at PAPSTAR GmbH, which currently employs around 250 people in administration, warehousing and the vehicle fleet. Our central goals include motivation, career advancement and the resulting long-term employee commitment to the company.

As part of the federally funded "New Quality of Work" initiative, PAPSTAR has enhanced the structuring of working conditions in the active areas dealing with leadership, equal opportunities and diversity, health and knowledge and expertise in a spirit of partnership between employer and employees. A highly motivated workforce represents an indispensable condition for securing the company's growth and constantly expanding it with care.


The name of the multi-site intranet presence says it all. Working at PAPSTAR is both a job and a vocation. As diverse as our jobs are, they all require commitment, passion and willingness to perform.

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For PAPSTAR to be able to rely in future on highly qualified employees in times of skilled worker shortages, in-company training has always given a particularly high priority.

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