PAPSTAR France S.A.S. is deleted from the commercial and company register - on February 9, 2022 the company name was changed to "BIOSYLVA S.A.S. - Distributeur marque PAPSTAR".

Change of name from PAPSTAR France S.A.S. to BIOSYLVA S.A.S. is officially done

With a certificate of registration in the French trade and companies register (administrative number 1999B00464, Meaux Commercial Court) dated February 9, 2022, a fundamental change in the organizational chart of the PAPSTAR Group has taken effect.

The previous PAPSTAR France S.A.S. (Société par actions simplifiée, Simplified Joint Stock Company) has merged into BIOSYLVA S.A.S. (distributor marque PAPSTAR) rebranded. From now on, the main shareholder is ESTENNE INVEST SARL (Société à responsabilité limitée, comparable to the German legal form GmbH) headed by President Olivier Estenne. PAPSTAR holds a minority stake in BIOSYLVA S.A.S. of 34 percent. All locations, sales partners and production companies of the PAPSTAR Group can be found here:

Editor's note: The Société par actions simplifiée (S.A.S., French for Simplified Joint Stock Company) is a French form of joint stock company. It was introduced in 1994 and is codified in Articles L227-1 to L227-19 and Articles R227-1 to R227-2 of the French Commercial Code. The S.A.S. consists of at least two shareholders. A sub-form of this is the Société par actions simplifiée unipersonnelle (SASU). It can even be founded by just one person.

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"Meeting the ecological challenges with sound expertise!"

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PAPSTAR ranks among the top 15 per cent of all evaluated companies

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