40 pages and soon also available in (climate-neutral) printed form: PAPSTAR GmbH's Sustainability Report 2022 is published in German and English.

17 Sustainable Development Goals as a central compass and expert interviews

For the future and further concrete design of the sustainability strategy and the definition of detailed initiatives and objectives, PAPSTAR has now oriented itself to the Agenda 2030 adopted by the United Nations in an extension of its previous sustainability efforts and thus been guided by the so-called 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

"We feel particularly committed to this agenda," explain CEO Bert Kantelberg and Andreas Köller, Management of PAPSTAR GmbH, in unison. Thus, three central pillars determine the overall sustainable orientation of the entire corporate group: the realization of innovations in products and materials, the implementation of sustainable business models in the sense of a circular economy and the promotion of general responsibility for the climate and sustainable value chains.

Expert interviews and company portrait

The structure of the five central fields of action - employees, products, environment, networks and processes - has been retained in the new Sustainability Report 2022, which also includes an extensive company portrait and interviews with Professor Dr. Torsten Weber, a nationally and internationally recognised expert in sustainability management, and Joachim Böttcher. The lecturer at a private university in Rome, who lives in Hengstbacherhof in the Palatinate, has specialised in regional material flow management and works closely with PAPSTAR with a focus on plant carbon/terra preta. The Sustainability Report 2022 can be accessed and/or downloaded here: www.papstar.com/en/about-papstar/sustainability

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"Meeting the ecological challenges with sound expertise!"

In a cross-departmental process and with the involvement of the new B+P Agentur GmbH, PAPSTAR GmbH's new sustainability report has now been finalised.

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PAPSTAR ranks among the top 15 per cent of all evaluated companies

Customers and business partners expect a comprehensible sustainability strategy and a well-founded assessment of it. EcoVadis has now awarded PAPSTAR a special silver award.

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From in-house production (PAPSTAR): The new DAILY Collection for the daily use

Quality standards as a basic principle: The new DAILY Collection is manufactured within the framework of an in-house production operation at Paper Print Converting GmbH in Austria.

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