TomTab is a sustainable, single-use tray made from bagasse, which can be used in hospitals or care facilities to create a closed material cycle using a bioconverter.

Klimaneutrale Produkte

TomTab - the sustainable disposable tray for a closed and well thought-out material cycle

The well-being of the patient always comes first, but it has long been the order of the day in the hospital or care sector to get exploding costs under control. The creation of future-oriented, sustainable efficiency is becoming the measure of all things.

A new product that ProfiCare GbR as a joint venture of the PAPSTAR and Apleona groups as well as ELECTRO Calorique Essenverteilsysteme GmbH have developed ready for the market, ties in precisely with this point. The inexpensive disposable meal tray with the name "TomTab" made of bagasse not only scores with the best possible hygiene standards and practicality - the material used is also biodegradable and can be fed into a closed material cycle using a carefully thought-out system.

Circulation-oriented material flow management

Bagasse is the name given to the fibrous, ground remains that are left behind after the sugar cane has been squeezed out of the sugar juice. The TomTab trays made from this natural raw material and used, for example, in hospitals and care facilities, are first crushed and then sanitized in a bio-converter after use, together with leftover food. The output - the volume of the material introduced is reduced by up to 50 percent within 24 hours - can be used in the production of new cardboard products due to its high cellulose content. A cycle-oriented material flow management, which is finally to be implemented by PAPSTAR Solutions GmbH as the exclusive provider of the bio-converters (composting machines of the 'Oklin' brand).

TOMTAB system thoroughly tested

As part of the innovative and sustainable food supply, TomTab - as a blank tray or with different divisions - is one hundred percent compatible with the food transport trolleys from ELECTRO Calorique GmbH. The company based in the Ruhr area in Herne has therefore also put the system through its paces in everyday clinical practice in order to achieve consistently positive results of an innovative nature. Not only does the sugar cane tray meet all specific food distribution standards, the procedure behind it is actually much more efficient and hygienic than any conventional variant. The advantages can be listed: Due to its material properties, the water- and temperature-resistant TomTab tray shortens the warm-up time within the distribution trolley (while maintaining the quality or taste of the warmed-up food); In addition, it is stable in the hand and, on top of that, is light as a feather and noiseless. Hot and cold dishes can be served at the same time thanks to the precise coordination with the food distribution systems from ELECTRO Calorique GmbH.

Elaborate sculleries are no longer required

The highlight - and here we come back to the above-mentioned increase in efficiency in favor of a noticeable reduction in costs - is completely different: Not only that trays and leftover food can be 100 percent biodegraded and recycled, with TomTab you can generally also do that Save space requirements or even the operation and maintenance of an expensive scullery including high water consumption and the use of cleaning chemicals. Further advantages that are obvious: No broken dishes and logistics that have been reduced to an absolute minimum. With the help of a strong partner, ProfiCare GbR is strengthening environmental awareness in the care area, including the 'zero waste approach' and improving the hygienic framework.

Consultations on TomTab and the underlying sustainability philosophy can be arranged by sending an email to ELECTRO Calorique Essenverteilsysteme GmbH:

Bernd Born -


PAPSTAR GmbH, Daimlerstraße 4-8, 53925 Kall



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