Party Feelings

Party Feelings
Animated pirates and princesses light up children’s eyes at each partyMagic Xperience

Magic Xperience

MAGIC XPERIENCE is the new dimension for children's parties. Magic Xperience makes the characters on the party products come alive and become the life of the party. All party guests take photos with the characters and the audience and send them to friends and acquaintances on social networks. That is a lot of fun. Magic Xperience brings more fun and joy to the children's party.

The free magic Xperience app together with the PAPSTAR Magic Xperience party products (plates, cups and serviettes) create the magical experience.

The princess and pirate motifs are designed for children 3-9 years who will have lots of fun with their favourite characters. Older children can use the "Fashion Girl" to learn the right poses or the "Skater Boy" to go through the halfpipe.
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Magic Party

With the smartphone, the figures on the PAPSTAR serviettes, cups, and plates come "alive" and are magical party fun for the guests and all friends on the social networks. Thus the party products become smart digital companions for small and big guests - according to the motto “Party goods are your (animated social) friend".

You are not buying party tableware, but a magical experience.
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Celebrations with friends and family is simply fun - PAPSTAR products provide the right frameworkAlways in the best mood!

Always in the best mood!

There are plenty of occasions to celebrate - passed exams, Carnival, birthdays or New Year's Eve, weddings or the long awaited reunion, but also the meeting together with friends and family for barbecuing or the sporting event. Good mood and high spirits are crucial for a successful celebration, whether in private or in public spaces.

With our wide selection of party decoration items and decorations for meals and beverages, you create the right setting for every occasion and in every place.
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You can celebrate the most beautiful children's party right at home - with the matching PAPSTAR productsChildren's Birthday – It's my Party

Children's Birthday – It's my Party

Children's parties have always been popular but the expectations of children are changing constantly and are getting greater. Nowadays, wealthy parents engage special companies that organise such parties or celebrate at special children's adventure parks. Those who do not want to do this and would rather celebrate at home, can arrange equally beautiful and exciting festivals with the colourful Party Feelings products from PAPSTAR.

PAPSTAR has a lot in the programme: Party series - the new Magic Xperience top series to simple, single-coloured party tableware, birthday candles - in many varieties and qualities, and fun items - from the whistle for football games to party hats and puzzles so that even the youngest won’t be bored.
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Balloons bring a smile to everyone’s face - There are plenty of occasionsBalloons


For the private party, Carnival or a business opening! Are you looking for a balloon for a specific occasion or simply add a bit of colour to the party? Then you've come to the right place. Here you will find balloons in many different colours, sizes and variations. With printing for weddings, birthdays, with numbers or for a new baby, single colours and water balloons, helium-suitable and even as a garland. Our balloons have been tested by TÜV as "free of nitrosamines". You can also receive the appropriate balloon pump from us.


Professional decoration - Naturally flame retardantRoom and Party Decoration

Room and Party Decoration

Party tent events such as anniversaries, club festivals, Carnival or festival days are organised professionally. This includes professional equipment and the observance of the relevant safety regulations. Fire safety regulations must be complied with especially in the area of festive decorations. Therefore, the garlands, ceiling banners, etc. offered here are manufactured flame retardant.
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Only with the correct decoration are glasses and snacks a feast for the eyesDecoration for food and drinks

Decoration for food and drinks

No party without food and drink, preferably beautifully decorated with PAPSTAR Party Feelings!

What would a delicious cocktail or the popular finger food be without the appropriate decoration? The little helpers are visually impressive and also provide the necessary support for cheese, grapes, sushi and co!

In this category you will find everything related to decorations for food and beverage - drinking straws, decorative pickers, ice umbrellas and much more.