Logistics models


1. Central warehouse supply

Full lorry, full pallets or even picked goods.

Advantages for our customer:

  • 100% readiness for delivery.
  • The customer can also procure picked goods to the central warehouse of the same, then deliver to outlets together with other products.

2. Distance delivery

Picked pallets or promotion displays are delivered to individual outlets, on request also with shelf service by PAPSTAR Service GmbH.

Advantages for our customer:

  • Customers who aspire to perfect shelf management at the same time as wanting to save on personnel costs have a complete solution here.
  • The experience and product knowledge of the PAPSTAR service management ensures attractive shelf presentation and continuous refilling of the products – the basis for customer satisfaction and for sales success in the market.

3. Direct container supply

The goods ordered by our customers go directly from the producing partner to the central warehouse of our customer.

Advantages for our customer:

  • The economic radius of supply to our customers previously had to be drawn fairly narrowly due to the low product value.
  • Interested customers overseas can therefore be supplied at marketable prices only with difficulty. Nevertheless the worldwide PAPSTAR purchasing network offers interesting advantages for retail customers positioned on a smaller scale in their purchasing efforts.
  • Advice and sourcing by PAPSTAR but direct supply to the customer from the production of our worldwide partners works and is a win-win-win constellation for producers, PAPSTAR and our retail customers.

4. Drop shipments – B2B

We deliver piece goods directly to professional customers of our dealers or distributors. The orders are generated through the customer web shop (or even conventionally) and forwarded to PAPSTAR.
PAPSTAR then delivers directly to these end customers – e.g. to a hotel – with a delivery note in the corporate design of our retail customer.

Advantages for our customer:

  • Our customer can draw on a range of roughly 7000 items without having to store even one of them.
  • The customer pays for the goods only after they have been delivered to the end customer of the same.
  • Furthermore, the customer benefits from quick and perfect supply by PAPSTAR logistics. This brings the best feedback and acceptance from the customers of the same.

5. Drop shipments – B2C

We deliver piece goods directly to end customers (consumers) of our dealers or distributors.

An initial test balloon will be started soon with a self-service department store group. Orders from consumers through their web shop will be delivered direct to the end consumers by us. In this case, however, the range includes only large packages such as 100 paper plates, 100 drinking cups, 100 sets of cutlery, which have sufficient value.

6. Direct supply to end customers through the PAPSTAR web shop – B2B

Delivery of small volumes for use at short notice.

Advantages for our customer:

  • Simple ordering.
  • No storage of large volumes.
  • 7000 brand products in guaranteed quality always in stock.
  • Delivery “just in time” – whether 1, 20 or 100 boxes are ordered.

For the customer – restaurant, catering business, hotel, doctors, freelancers such as doctors, clubs etc. – this means a high level of flexibility and reliability, always having the necessary disposable tableware or the necessary table decorations available at short notice.