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The European central warehouse in Kall meets all logistics requirements.Quo Vadis Logistics?

Quo Vadis Logistics?

The requirements of modern logistics have grown steadily in the last 10 years and it seems that the problems are still not under control despite the most modern IT.

The increase in small-scale parcel shipments to households or to small speciality shops put the topic of "Last Mile Logistics" uppermost at conferences.

"Tunnel logistics" and or oversized pneumatic post systems or the delivery of small shipments via drones determine future forums when it comes to logistics.

PAPSTAR has constantly invested in new logistics concepts and in the necessary IT from the beginning and considers itself in a pole position! However, the company must constantly assert itself and expand.

One of the most modern high-bay warehouses is located at PAPSTAR in KallLogistics facilities

Logistics facilities

The basis for just-in-time delivery and multi-channel logistics are

  • ultramodern warehouse logistics equipment and IT,
  • sustainable logistics concepts and perfectly tuned forwarding with the support of the latest IT solutions that enable all participants in the supply chain full control over the flow of goods, and - very important! –
  • people with vocation.

PAPSTAR has one of the most modern high-bay warehouses and a state-of-the-art carton warehouse, which meets the needs of a modern multi-channel logistics and ensures a fast and high delivery readiness whether dealing with parcel shipments, mixed pallets, unmixed pallets or container deliveries at any time.
We have more than 70,000 pallet spaces and currently move an average of 2500 pallets per day.

In addition to the European central warehouse in Kall, we operate a commission warehouse in Spain for the Iberian Peninsula and in Poland for Eastern Europe.

A lock at the PAPSTAR central warehouseLogistics models

Logistics models

The logistic models we have realised show a wide range of options available for the benefits of different clients.

We supply major markets as well as central warehouses directly. We source worldwide and deliver to overseas customers by container directly from productions located overseas.

We supply the professional customers of our sales partners directly on their behalf and invoice through the partners - both abroad and domestically.

We supply consumers on behalf of sales partners directly.

We deliver via our web shop small amounts for short-term consumption within 48 hours.

Detailed information can be found here.

Data and flow of goods in the drop shipment processDrop-Shipment


With the new PAPSTAR Drop Shipment concept, our partners have no more physical contact with the goods. The goods are delivered without detours directly from the PAPSTAR Logistics Centre to its customers. Thus there is no longer a logistical effort for our partners with regard to the dispatch and packaging of the goods and, above all, it saves the cost-intensive, self-storage.

The sales partner first acquires the goods when he has already sold them to its customers. Thus, the capital tie-up for stock goods is not necessary for him. He can in turn increase his assortment and achieve greater sales.

Of course, the system works only through intelligent IT solutions that must enable billing-related tasks as well as provide tracking information for all those involved.  For this, the PAPSTAR web-based information system, was developed which includes all necessary information flows such as

  • full transparency about their orders
  • shipment tracking (track & trace)
  • mobile purchase order entry
  • availability quick check

You can also purchase all PAPSTAR products directly from the PAPSTAR shop online.

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