Professional kitchen

Professional kitchen
Disposable strainer cloths for the professional kitchenProducts for the professional kitchen

Products for the professional kitchen

The professional kitchen is increasingly geared towards maximum functionality and guaranteed hygiene safety. Disposable items play an important role here.

They are quickly available, easy to handle, functional and economical and virtually irreplaceable in the area of hygiene safety. The quality of the products are of high importance here because the professional user can rely on the functionality of the products.

A garbage bag, which is not tear-resistant or a plastic wrap which does not unroll properly, has no place in the professional kitchen. And because a kitchen never really has space enough, products must always be replenished quickly and reliably.

PAPSTAR branded products score with their high-quality and constant availability. They are available from dealers as well as via the PAPSTAR webshop in a very short time and thus meet all professional requirements.

Particularly noteworthy is the comprehensive garbage bag range, but also special products such as strainers made from PP non-woven fleece, disposable pastry bags and plastic wrap with a plastic cutter which cuts the film perfectly and cleanly.
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Professional equipment ensures professional results in the kitchenKitchen utensils & Kitchen accessories

Kitchen utensils & Kitchen accessories

Kitchen supplies and kitchen utensils must be used daily by kitchen professionals for the most diverse tasks and provide the right packaging to store food for large consumers.

In addition to proven kitchen utensils, such as, for example, the cut-resistant protective gloves for safe work with a sharp knife, PAPSTAR offers kitchen professionals, helpers and kitchen accessories which they can rely on. Here an excerpt from the PAPSTAR range of utensils & accessories:

The quick help with minor injuries - the cohesive plasterCohesive plasters

Cohesive plasters

Cuts, which often happen during kitchen work, require a quick hygienic plaster which is breathable and waterproof and allows further work. The cohesive plaster by PAPSTAR – also known from the TV show cooking arena - is very popular not only with chefs, but also with handworkers in other trades. With minor injuries, simply cover the wound, tear off, press down firmly and keep working!

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The glove that protects when it matters.Cut-resistant protective gloves

Cut-resistant protective gloves

For prevention, the cut-resistant protective glove made from Dyneema fibres, which is absolutely cut-resistant, provides high safety particularly in the boning of meat cuts.