Hygiene & personal protection

Hygiene & personal protection
Disposable products are a good step in the direction to HACCP conformityProducts for personal hygiene

Products for personal hygiene

HACCP and thus hygiene and food safety are a recurring theme in the hospitality industry and will also remain so because people are involved.

Nevertheless, the disposable hygiene products such as gloves, head protection, bandages and hygienic paper prevent a lot. You get significantly closer to the objectives of the HACCP regulation and at affordable costs
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Personal hygiene is important part of each HACCP conceptHygiene and personal protection

Hygiene and personal protection

With the revised brochure "Guide for your successful HACCP concept", PAPSTAR offers everyone working in the gastronomy, food production and retail areas, practical help.

Pursuant to the EU regulation, the establishment of and the verification of such a concept, is a requirement for each business which produces, handles and sells food. PAPSTAR's Guide provides assistance regarding measures for staff and kitchen hygiene, as well as valuable tips.

The factor of personal hygiene plays a central role. With a range of items designed explicitly on the topic, PAPSTAR ensures the prevention of hygienic risks: from disposable clothing such as aprons, smocks, overalls, headwear and mouth protection to plasters and disposable gloves.

Disposable gloves made of latex or nitrile - fashionably suitable also in the modern kitchenDisposable gloves

Disposable gloves

The PAPSTAR range of disposable gloves is perfectly matched to the needs of the food trade and the quality is also our trademark here.

You can be sure that you have purchased an outstanding product with PAPSTAR disposable gloves. We only use materials that comply with the health and the food regulations of the current state of the art for our gloves.

We were the first who offered black latex gloves matching to fashionable black chef jackets. In the meanwhile, we also carry black disposable gloves made from nitrile.

In addition, we have special gloves in the range such as the cut-resistant protective gloves made from Dyneema fibres - machine washable! - and the Clean Hands service gloves for hygienic work at the bakery or butcher counters.

Instructions for use Disposable gloves

Cohesive plasters are simply convenientCohesive Plasters

Cohesive Plasters

If cuts happen, the cohesive plaster is available - as known from the TV show cooking arena. This is very popular not only with chefs, but also with handworkers in other trades. With minor injuries, simply cover the wound, tear off, press down firmly and keep working! The plaster does not loosen even when washing your hands. Brilliant! - Now also in black.
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And this is how to apply the plaster!

Watch the film and discover how easy it is to apply the cohesive plaster.
And how fast you can go back to your kitchen activity again.

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