Household & kitchen helpers

Household & kitchen helpers
Practical helpers make the daily kitchen routine easyHousehold and kitchen helpers for private use

Household and kitchen helpers for private use

The PAPSTAR product range covering the topics of household and hygiene articles offers a wide range of items for the careful and hygienic storage and processing of food, as well as practical helpers for waste management and cleaning.

There are also practical disposable gloves, which are universally suitable for use in the kitchen and household. No one wants to do without these products today.

A wide range of plastic wrap an bags faciliyte work in the kitchenProduct ranges

Product ranges

Items such as trash bags and sacks, compost bags and sacks, freezer bags, sandwich bags and papers, ice cube bags, baking paper and baking forms and aluminium and plastic wrap films and pastry bags enormously facilitate work in the kitchen.
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Quality freezer bags protect food against freezer burn.Practical helpers

Practical helpers

PAPSTAR quality freezer bags protect very well against freezer burn, providing optimal deep freezing! This protects against spoiled food while, in turn, benefiting the environment!

Many practical helpers for the household from the PAPSTAR programmeHygiene products for the household

Hygiene products for the household

Here you will find practical products for household and kitchen hygiene which greatly facilitate the preparation of food.

Disposable gloves - lilac or black - if you want to handle onions or red beets or protect your hands against aggressive cleaning agents.

The cohesive plaster - it sticks easily without adhesive - is particularly suitable if you come in contact with water with a finger injury. The plaster does not loosen over time, even if you wash your hands several times.  At the same time, the plaster is breathable, so the wound can close very quickly.

If you have to clean a lot of glasses after a party, the PAPSTAR wedge sponge helps you do it quickly and easily by hand. This is a truly universal product.
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