The history of disposable tableware

The history of disposable tableware
Paper plates as disposable tablewareThe history of disposable tableware

The history of disposable tableware

The first paper plates were produced at the end of the 19th century by the bookbinder master Henschel in Luckenwalde. The reason was a medical analysis of the ways to pack food hygienically.

According to Wikipedia, the American Samuel J. Crumbine, a health official from Kansas campaigned from 1908 for removing the common drinking and eating utensils as a potential transmission of diseases from public use. The Americans Lawrence Luellen and Hugh Moore took this as an opportunity to invent simple lightweight paper cups as a unique-to-use drinking cup which at that time was still in the shape of a cone.



The practical "coffee-to-go" is only possible thanks to disposable tablewareWhy use disposable tableware?

Why use disposable tableware?

Disposable tableware is safe (no risk of injury because it is light and not fragile, not suitable as projectile) – particularly important in stadiums or wellness areas and at sports and children’s parties.

Disposable tableware is hygienic (no contamination by food scraps or incorrect storage, because disposable tableware is always hygienically packed) - especially important where food is supplied outdoors or ambulatory as in the refugee crisis.

Disposable tableware is economical (easy to transport, requires little space during storage and is quick and easy to use) and supports the trend towards mobility - food-on-the-go! The ambulatory food supply that does not require washing is only possible with disposable tableware.

Street food, food-on-the-go, festival food, event catering, public viewing, New Year’s major events and ... and ... and are often not feasible without disposable tableware.

Disposable tableware is handy when there are more guests than dishes in the household.

Many types of disposable tableware are used when grillingWhat types of disposable tableware are there?

What types of disposable tableware are there?

Disposable tableware is made of different materials which each have quite different properties.

Products made of cardboard or paper such as paper plates, paper cups, pizza boxes and pasta boxes. >to the catalog

Plastic products - such as polystyrene, polypropylene and PET - like vending cups, salad bowls, deli cups, and cutlery. >to the catalog

Bio-plastic products - polylactide PLA - similar to the normal plastic but only suitable for cold food and drinks. >to the catalog

Products made of wood or bamboo such as wood cutlery, skewers, trays, etc. >to the catalog

Products made of sugar cane residues - bagasse - like plates, service packaging and cups. >to the catalog

Products made of palm leaf, wheat bran and other niche products. >to the catalog