Street Food – A hype is going around the world!

Street Food – A hype is going around the world!
"Goodman's Burger truck" and "Essbar" - two typical examples for modern food supplyStreetfood and Food Trucks

Streetfood and Food Trucks

Food-on-the-go is an indispensable part of our mobile society. Everyone is somehow on the go and would like to eat between meals. Gastronomy has adjusted to this mega-trend and developed new forms of food and meals.

Increasingly, quality and the origin of food products counts and the customer also expects quality, functional and environmentally-compatible disposable dishes and service packaging.

The PAPSTAR logistics warehouse is constantly ready for gives you everything you need at fair prices in a very short time and with nearly 100 of percent delivery availability.

Many "food truckers" already appreciate it. Thus too, the burger Trucks "Goodman's Burger Truck" in the Cologne area. "Essbar" in and around Lübbecke!

Festival time is Papstar time!PAPSTAR cooperates with the company Street Food Festival

PAPSTAR cooperates with the company Street Food Festival

Actually, street food is well known long ago from the Asian countries where food stalls are very popular.

This movement has spread now quickly from USA over the whole world. Street food was also very common in Germany for some decades with the so-called “Currywurst”-stall. Today however it has another meaning. The buzzwords are – mobile, varied, top-quality, communicative (before, during and after eating – through facebook or instagram), peaceful -!

PAPSTAR cooperates with the Street Food Festival Company   Cologne which operating around 60 big street food festivals in Germany - because „Festival time is PAPSTAR time“. We want to establish our sustainable disposables and service packaging pure and make it well-known to everyone.

All event data can be found at facebook:

PAPSTAR is specialist for disposables and service packaging as well as table-top products. You can buy our product in Cash&Carrys as well as through!
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