Disposables from renewable raw materials

TÜV certification, FSC® and evidence of biodegradability and compostability according to DIN EN 13432Disposables from renewable raw materials

Disposables from renewable raw materials

It has always been our vision to equip a party, grill or street festival, sports or school celebration solely with compostable, disposable tableware and afterwards, place all the waste - food and kitchen waste, coffee grounds, used disposable tableware as well as table decorations and serviettes - together in a composter, process it to compost and return it to nature.

Now this is a reality at PAPSTAR. See here how we compost our cafeteria waste daily avoiding large amounts of waste.

PAPSTAR combines a comprehensive range of environmentally-conscious disposable tableware and service packaging under its pure brand name making this vision reality.

All pure products are 100% renewable and biodegradable.

Get to know the variety of products using the pure concept on these pages.

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Biodegradable and compostable

Biodegradable and compostable

pure products are made from renewable resources and are biodegradable. PAPSTAR is the first company worldwide which processes biodegradable packaging from the PAPSTAR pure brand together with food and kitchen waste with coffee grounds in their own composting facility into compost and returns this back to nature in the planted areas of our company.

We see this as proof of our vision and believe that this may be a feasible end-of-life option for packaging waste.

This will certainly require setting aside the ideological lenses! But also a change in the thinking of consumers and citizens regarding littering and the support of the collecting and sorting efforts of municipalities and dual systems.

Product overview

The use of renewable and biodegradable raw materials has a long tradition at PAPSTAR. Only wood from sustainable forestry is used in the production of disposable tableware from the new "PAPSTAR pure” product line. The disposable cups in this product line are made from the bioplastic PLA. Disposable tableware is now an ecologically and economically sensible alternative.

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Award-winning: PAPSTAR pure "Belle vie - Ligne carrée"

Award-winning: PAPSTAR pure "Belle vie - Ligne carrée"

Not yet finished, but already awarded with the "Iconic Award 2020" and "German Design Award 2020" from the German Design Council: the new "Belle Vie - Ligne Carrée" tableware collection.

This puristic disposable tableware is made from bagasse that is produced during the processing of sugar cane and is biodegradable and compostable.

The series includes bowls and plates of different sizes, which can be used both as a set and individually. The disposable tableware is haptically high-quality and visually appealing - ideal for private parties and sophisticated catering.

Disposable tableware made from agricultural waste

Disposable tableware made from agricultural waste

The new Pure disposable tableware from PAPSTAR is made exclusively from plant residues from agricultural production in India. The environmentally friendly processing of plant residues into self-binding fibers saves energy and prevents water from being contaminated by chemicals. 

The disposable tableware is completely biodegradable and compostable, the plates and bowls have been tested for their suitability for food by independent institutes and are available in different sizes and shapes.

So far, the plant residues have not been used, but have been burned in a way that is harmful to the climate. For the Pure disposable tableware plant residues from agricultural production (agricultural residues) are dried in the sun, ground and then processed into a pulp, which, like the bagasse, is injected into molds and dried. This gives you 100% bio-based packaging and single-use dishes, which in turn are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Cutlery and decorative pickers of wood

Cutlery and decorative pickers of wood

Wood is highly regarded as a natural material in many areas. Wood, as a renewable resource, is ecologically sensible, environmentally-friendly and biodegradable. For people with high environmental awareness, disposable cutlery made of this material is the ideal solution.

The PAPSTAR wooden cutlery, stirrers and the decorative pickers are made from naturally light birch wood because this type of wood does not need to be bleached compared to other varieties.

Thanks to modern manufacturing processes and a special surface treatment which prevents splintering, it is both functional and attractive. The disposable cutlery is comparable in handling and stability to cutlery made of plastic and offers optimal eating comfort due to its handy shape.

Due to their special cutting edges, the knives are suitable for any kind of food. The rounded and smoothed fork tips guarantee excellent function even when eating salads. In addition, the wooden cutlery is absolutely tasteless.

PAPSTAR was the first company on the market, which included FSC® certified wood cutlery in its programme.
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Paper plates and dishes of the PAPSTAR pure brand - certified qualityArticle from Fibre-based board

Article from Fibre-based board

Certified quality

Only wood from sustainable forestry is used in the production of our paper plates and paper cups. In this context, sustainability means that in the management of forests only as much wood is taken as is reforested.

Much of the wood is obtained as part of forest thinning measures that are necessary to provide the trees with the necessary breathing space and room to grow. This allows the forest to regenerate itself over and over.

For the cardboard, spruce is used primarily for the processing due to the special fibre length.

Since 2012, all paper plates and dishes from fresh fibre-based carton carry the FSC® logo as evidence of their sustainable origin. More arguments for PAPSTAR pure paper plates and cardboard trays can be found here.
Dishes and bowls made of fresh fiber in the PAPSTAR catalog

Plastic cups and bowls made of PLAPLA items

PLA items

The strength of nature sensibly used

One of the most promising bio-plastics is the so-called polylactide (PLA or polylactic acid also called) based on starch. Mainly corn and wheat are used for the extraction of this starch from which the natural sugar, dextrose, is obtained. A fermentation process converts this dextrose first into lactic acid and then into versatile, so-called polymers. They are used for the manufacture of plastic-like granules and processed much like conventional plastics.

PLA plastic manufactured with this technology can be combined together in such ways that it is either very quickly biodegradable - such as the PAPSTAR cold drink cups and straws - or is still functional for many years.

The crystal clear cups and white straws look the same as products which are petroleum-based, both items are equally light and form-stable. Due to their maximum service temperature of 40°C, both are however only suitable for cold beverages.

The PAPSTAR cold drink cups and straws made of PLA, fully disintegrate within 45 to 60 days under optimum conditions of + 60°C and 95% relative humidity in industrial composting facilities.
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Serviettes and tablecloths from tissueTissue Products

Tissue Products

A soft material with strong advantages

An invention dates back to the year 1929 that influences the consumption behaviour around the world today: In that year, a special paper, so-called tissue, was developed simultaneously in Germany and the United States that owes its name to its relationship to textile fabrics.

Speciality papers designated as tissue are characterised by being soft, thin and yet very strong even after substantial moisture absorption. Here, the material remains stable and odour-free, making it is very versatile. Because of these properties, tissue is usually used for napkins, paper tissues and for tablecloths.

For the serviettes and tablecloths in the PAPSTAR pure brand, only materials from sustainable and FSC® certified forestry are used.

The high environmental compatibility of products throughout their entire life cycle is also documented by the Nordic Ecolabel ("Svanen").
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Biodegradable plates, cups and bowls made of sugar canePlates and bowls from sugar cane

Plates and bowls from sugar cane

In addition to plates and bowls from virgin fibre carton board, PAPSTAR also sells products made from sugar cane. Sugar cane is, as an annually renewable plant of the sweet grass family, the most important raw material supplier for the production of table sugar (sucrose) and was the only source of raw material for sugar production until the cultivation of sugar beets in the 18th century.

The so called "bagasse" is used for the production of plates and bowls due to their high cellulose content which remains as a byproduct after the pressing of sugar juice from the sugar cane.

This bagasse is cleaned, crushed and processed with water into a homogeneous paste for the production of the items. Then this pulp is pressed in different forms.

The results are very stable plates and bowls that are suitable even for the microwave.

At the same time, they are biodegradable after use.
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Compostable plates and bowls made of palm leafPlates and bowls from palm leaf

Plates and bowls from palm leaf

Our biodegradable and compostable palm leaf plates are produced from the leaves of the     areca palm. These palm trees are cultivated for the use of betel nuts. The leaves are just natural waste products. This raw material is suitable for many different kinds of dishes. The plates are characterised by an extraordinary stability. Of course, the products are tested for their suitability for food.

The plates compost pollutant-free, very quickly and can be disposed of in the compost bin.

Tip for the user: Break the plates through once or twice after using, this allows them to compost even faster.
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Whether you use it stationery or ambulant, Good Food Packaging looks always good!Good Food Packaging

Good Food Packaging

Good Food is Soul Food! Make sure that you serve it in an attractive packaging.

The Goodfood service packaging was develloped by our Dutch company Conpax. The packaging is made from virgin fiber based cartonboard with an appealing printing and it is sold under the brand pure. 

Nomen est omen! We are talking about good food that keeps our soul warm and lucky – „Soul Food“ – served in simple but also solid cardboard service packaging!

Snack professionals can have a distinctive touch and a differentiation against competitors. 

The PAPSTAR Good Food Packaging is not only convient and practical, it is also sustainable – biodegradable and compostable.                                        

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