Enjoy carefree

Enjoy carefree
Finger food is indispensable nowadaysFlying Dinners & Chilling Bars

Flying Dinners & Chilling Bars

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said "Panta Rhei" - everything flows - and this also applies to a variety of events with catering service!

Food and drinks are no longer consumed at the table, but standing at high tables, sitting on sofas or chairs or moving around - depending on the type of the event.

Previously this was only customary for matinees!

And because everything flows, because people are online 24/7 and no longer necessarily have fixed weekly working times, the "coming down" and relaxing in the bar with drinks, cocktails, and entertainment is becoming increasingly popular. And these bars are also constantly changing: Roof-top bar, pop-up bar, urban beach bar, swimming pool and beach bar, as well as various lounge concepts, tea lounge, coffee lounge... - and everywhere, food is available!

Here, too, PAPSTAR products are irreplaceable.  Finger food bowls, cups and saucers made of different materials, the practical food pickers from wood, bamboo or plastic and straws varying in shape and colour and not least cocktail serviettes render excellent service!
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The most popular leisure activity all over the world!Barbecue and celebrations with friends

Barbecue and celebrations with friends

Spontaneous or planned celebrations with friends or with the family is still - or rather, more and more - the favourite pastime of people. Switching off, gaining distance from the problems of everyday life and taking treats from the barbecue easily and several times in the evening.

Who has all the necessary dishes for everyone ready and wants to spend the next day washing mountains of tableware and cutlery. Especially if we do this on the road - at festivals or campsites.

So we reach for the good "old" paper plates or the cups made of plastic or cardboard, and ensure that these are properly disposed of after use and do not end up in the environment. Everyone can choose between compostable or recyclable products according to his taste.

What and how you grill has become the philosophy of each dedicated grillers. But you don’t have to worry about the dishes, PAPSTAR has always "right ones" in the range.

Barbecue is food for the soul!

Barbecue is food for the soul!

Having a barbecue with PAPSTAR makes fun and is easy. Beside that using the pure products is sustainable. It’s pure pleasure!

In spring we often speak about the beginning of the barbecue season. But – to be honest – barbecue more and more becomes an all-season event. You will be convinced when looking at all the books talking about “winter barbecue”! 

However in summertime barbecue hits its peak and for all people who are not able to go for holidays it is a nice holiday activity in their own garden or on their own balcony. 

PAPSTAR pure products makes barbecues convenient but also environmentally friendly.

Compostable products like plates and dishes from paperboard or from sugarcane can be easily disposed of in a compost bin or your own compost heap in the garden. Tear it in two or four pieces and mix it with the bio-waste. Then it will compost very quickly.

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