Disposable tableware

PAPSTAR combines an extensive range of environmentally-conscious disposable tableware and service packaging under its pure brand name.
Celebrating parties is often a strenuous and exhausting affair for the host or hostess. There are simpler solutions which allow everyone to celebrate without a care.
Carefree enjoyment
With PAPSTAR individual printing, you can have disposable products printed. Design your napkins and cups according to your company's corporate design.
Custom printingcustom printing
Food or drinks "to go" are a sign of freedom and independence. But please not at the expense of the environment. There are other ways.
„To Go“ culture
Disposable tableware made of cardboard has been available for almost 150 years. Read more about the history of this invention.

History of the disposable tablewareHistory of the disposable tableware
A hype is going around the world!
Street Food – A hype is going around the world!Street Food
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