Quality and environment

Responsibility for people and environment

We take our responsibility for people and the environment seriously

Responsible actions for the benefit of society require the consideration of social and ecological values in thought and actions in addition to economic aims.

This objective, to harmonise ecology and economy, is an integral part of the corporate culture at PAPSTAR and anchored firmly in our daily work. This sustainable approach is evident not only in the use of renewable raw materials for our products, but also in the consistent review of our business processes with regard to ecological criteria.

Our whole focus is the development of future-oriented product line and marketing concepts for our customers, as well as the professional processing of the entire service chain from ordering to order processing to the management at the point of sale.

An integrated quality management system sustainably ensures the service expertise of PAPSTAR GmbH.

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TV-certified quality

ISO 9001:2015

Through the quality management system, PAPSTAR establishes what requirements need to be implemented in the services and production sectors, to increase effectiveness and ensure high quality in all departments/interfaces.

The ISO 9001 with the model of process orientation supports the company in this challenge.

Since 2002, PAPSTAR has had a quality management system in place and has this monitored year after year by independent bodies.

You can find more information about the certification here.

ISO 14001:2015

Sustainable business is a dictate of reason and responsibility for the future.

Since 1996, the ISO 14001 standard is the basis for the set-up, introduction, monitoring and development of environmental management systems. Its overall objective is to promote environmental protection and the prevention of pollution in harmony with economic, social and political needs.

FSC- Certification

Since 12/2011, PAPSTAR has been FSC-certified.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC, www.fsc-deutschland.de) is an international non-profit organisation.

The council created the first system of certification for sustainably managed forests, runs it and develops it further. The aim is to use the forests of the Earth in an environmentally-compatible, socially responsible and sustainable manner to promote a responsible forestry management.

The FSC certification extends to the production and trade of disposable tableware, table decoration, party decorations, stationery and hygienic items with Logistics and Dispatch with the material status:

FSC 100%, FSC mix and FSC recycled

The certificate is valid until November 2021. The validity can be checked at www.fsc-info.org.


PEFC™– Certification

Since 07/2019, PAPSTAR has been certified by PEFC™.

PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes, www.pefc.de)

is the world's largest independent organization to ensure and continuously improve sustainable forest management while guaranteeing ecological, social and economic standards.

The certificate is valid until July 2024.

This certificate can be downloaded as a PDF

PAPSTAR - the green Brand

Since July 2018 PAPSTAR is allowed to wear the seal "Green Brand"!

A re-validation took place in December 2019 and was successfully passed with a significantly increased performance in terms of sustainability. We have been wearing the Green Brands with the 1st star since January 14, a sign of possible commitment to global climate protection.

GREEN BRANDS are brands with the seal of approval (companies, products, service providers, food and personalities) that make a significant contribution to protecting the environment, nature and the climate.

GREEN BRANDS produce environmentally friendly, always act with regard to their own responsibility for the preservation of natural resources and commit themselves to a high degree to the preservation and balance of nature and sustainability.

Our consumption of energy, metals, raw materials and the production of greenhouse gases are beyond the planetary limits. It cannot go on like this. Prosperity and a good life for all human beings is possible only if we do not destroy the resources of the earth.

Accordingly, at PAPSTAR we have anchored sustainability as a central element in our vision. Sustainability is our top priority and it becomes the core message of our brand PAPSTAR.

More information you can find at www.green-brands.org

PAPSTAR is AEO-C-certified

PAPSTAR is AEO-C certified

Increasing globalisation and the changed international security situation have prompted the World Customs Organisation (WCO) to provide a global framework for a modern and effective risk management in customs administrations. An essential element of this security initiative in the European Union is the introduction of the AEO status (Authorised Economic Operator). The aim is to secure the integrated global supply chain.

The certification has following label:

PAPSTAR GmbH / AEO certificate:  DE AEOC 115097

The AEO-C PAPSTAR status identifies PAPSTAR as a high-performance and reliable partners throughout the supply chain.

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